Just the Tonics: About our CBD-infused Sugar-free Tonic Waters

Blending classic summertime flavours with all-natural ingredients and our award-winning CBD, Green Stem tonic waters are a deliciously refreshing way to enjoy CBD…


Few drinks come close to the sophisticated refreshment of tonic water. With their distinctive sharpness, complexity and character, they are an ideal mixer with cocktails and spirits, most famously gin, or can be enjoyed all by themselves.


At Green Stem, we’re always looking for ways to impart the remarkable benefits of CBD across a range of products that not only boost wellness but enhance our customers’ lifestyles too. So, when the idea of CBD-infused tonic waters occurred to us, we knew we were on to a winner.


Our tonic waters are the result of meticulous research, the finest all-natural ingredients and our award-winning CBD extracted from hemp cultivated in the clean soil, air and pure mountain-filtered water of Colorado, USA. Packaged in recyclable materials, each can is emblazoned with the kind of beautiful artwork that Green Stem has become recognisable for across all our products and that reflects the artisan craft and natural provenance of our ingredients.


Our three distinct flavours have captured classic notes of an English summer, balanced with natural ingredients such as Cinchona bark, one of the most important ingredients of tonic thanks to its high level of digestion-aiding quinine, and extracts of Quassia, a West Indian bitter wood. We are one of the first CBD companies to use a botanical fusion of quinine extract for an even more complex and sophisticated flavour.


Better still, Green Stem CBD tonic waters are the first sugar-free CBD-infused tonics in the UK, so the delicate sweetness you can detect from each flavour is purely a result of the natural sweeteners and other ingredients that go into every can.

Elderflower CBD Tonic Water 250ml 10mg CBD


Nothing evokes a warm, idle summer quite like the taste of Elderflower, and our sparkling tonic drink deftly balances the flavour’s soft floral sweetness with the tonic’s natural astringency for a delicate, subtle and utterly delicious beverage and mixer.

Rhubarb & Rose CBD Tonic Water 250ml 10mg CBD


This fruity, floral and elegant tonic water infused with Green Stem CBD is piquant, poised and delicately sweet with wistful fruit and floral notes. Our Rhubarb and Rose tonic water adds a lovely blush to any beverage.

Citrus CBD Tonic Water 250ml 10mg CBD


Our CBD-infused Citrus tonic water is an enervating blend of sweet Sicilian Lemons, exotic Tahitian Lime, and subtle Pink Grapefruit, all fortified with vitamin C for an effortlessly refreshing tonic with perfectly balanced citrus notes.

Go beyond G&T with a Green Stem CBD Cocktail

The distinctive character and delicious complexity of each Green Stem CBD tonic water allow for countless cocktail combinations...

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