CBD Oil for Migraine Relief

Anyone who has ever suffered the relentless agony of a migraine knows that the pain and discomfort far surpass that of an average headache. With a host of unpleasant symptoms including throbbing headache, sensitivity to light and noise, persistent nausea and vomiting and an overall lack of energy, the effects of a migraine can leave an individual incapacitated for days at a time.  

In some cases, the onset of a migraine can be predicted by a series of stages which occur before the pain really starts to take hold. You may notice a feeling of malaise, neck stiffness and increased thirst which can be experienced for up to twenty-four hours before the migraine itself. Some sufferers also report disturbances to their eyesight during the onset stages of a migraine, with dark spots, stars and lines in the field of vision all signalling a change in neurological function.  

Most people who live with the condition turn to painkillers to help manage the symptoms, taking either store-bought or prescription medication during these early stages in a bid to lessen the pain before it reaches the point of unbearableness. However, for the ever-increasing number of individuals seeking a more natural, holistic approach to migraine management (and with no definite ‘cure’ for the condition available) what exactly are the options for alternative treatment?

CBD Oil Studies

A study conducted by Cannabis Cannabinoid Research in 2017 published via the National Center for Biotechnology Information has examined the effects of orally-administered cannabis oil in twenty-six individuals over a period of six months.  

The participants, who all experienced reoccurring headaches before the trail, took a combination of ibuprofen and oral cannabis for eight weeks, followed by an eight-week medication-free break. The study then saw patients taking a substance called nabilone (a synthetic cannabinoid with therapeutic properties) alongside oral cannabis for a further eight weeks.  

Although further analysis of the effectives of CBD as an effective pain management aid for migraines is required, the study did in fact report that


it appears likely that cannabis will emerge as a potential treatment for some headache sufferers


based on the participants experiencing an overall improvement of migraine symptoms when taking oral cannabis. The study also states that


“early reports of cannabis for the treatment of headache appear to be largely positive, with many patients experiencing a decrease in the frequency and intensity of their headache episodes”, and even goes on to outline that “in some cases, headache was cured entirely even after cannabis discontinuation.”  

CBD & The Endocannabinoid System

It is believed that CBD (a compound extracted from the hemp plant reported to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective qualities) could therefore be harnessed as a natural, holistic means of managing the unpleasant symptoms of migraine. This is because CBD interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid Systema communications system between the brain and the rest of our body with an impact on many important functions. This system effects how we move, how we feel, and how we react to certain external influences like stress and pain. The Endocannabinoid System responds to the presence of cannabinoid compounds such as CBD and benefits from CBD’s ability to regulate functions such as sleep, immune-system responses and indeed pain management.  

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