CBD for Pain Management

As the use of CBD becomes more widespread and the interest surrounding it continues to grow, so too do the associations between CBD and pain management.   

Now widely adopted as a means of controlling common pains such as backache, arthritis, migraines and IBS pain, CBD is carrying on the sabre of effective natural pain management from its cannabis-based predecessors. And even though cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a means of pain relief (Queen Victoria’s personal physician famously described cannabis as “one of the most valuable medicines we possess") there is still the issue of cannabis containing tetrahydrocannabinol to contend with. This compound, often abbreviated to THC, contains intoxicating, psychoactive properties which bring about the hazy ‘high’ associated with cannabis use, impairing functions like coordination, cognitive thought and affecting a person’s reaction time. Other side-effects commonly experienced with THC consumption include anxiety, paranoia, dry mouth, lethargy and impaired memory. This plethora of side effects (along with the illegal status of the substance) is what dissuades many people from using cannabis as a pain killer or pain management tool and has inspired the pursuit of harnessing the beneficial properties of the plant without having to experience any of the harmful side-effects. 


CBD products do just this. They contain a compound found in the hemp plant called cannabinoids which are isolated and extracted from the plant so as not to contain any of the psychoactive THC compound. This is achieved by using a CO2 extraction process, which uses pressurised carbon dioxide (CO2) to ‘pull’ CBD from the plant and effectively separate it from the psychoactive compounds in the plant. This allows you to enjoy CBD products like the Green Stem collection without worrying about experiencing any of the ‘high’ or physical impairments associated with cannabis use. 


There have been numerous studies which appear to support the effectiveness of CBD as a pain management tool, with one such study published in a 2017 issue of the European Journal of Pain finding that topical CBD products “inhibited pain and peripheral sensitisation” and concluding that CBD may be a safe therapeutic to treat OA pain locally as well as block the acute inflammatory flares that drive disease progression and joint neuropathy.

Another report which featured in a 2018 issue of Paediatric Dermatology found that topical CBD-infused products could serve as an effective skin-healer with no adverse effects, whilst a 2018 study titled Cannabis‐Based Medicines for Chronic Neuropathic Pain In Adults championed CBD’s positive effect on chronic neuropathic pain, such as is experienced with multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes.  

Pain Management

Because CBD positively impacts the endocannabinoid system in our bodies – a system responsible for the regulation of mood, pain sensation, sleep and appetite – it can effectively promote the proper operation of these functions which might have been affected by pain or illness, as is experienced with individuals suffering from cancer.    

With the current research and knowledge we already have, CBD shows promise as a valuable aid in the management and reduction of the following pain disorders:    


  • Neuropathic pain resulting from issues such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, strokes and diabetes. 
  • Inflammatory pain such as arthritis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, headaches, cramps, muscle aches, and pains. 
  • Chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia.  

Green Stem Products

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