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CBD Tonic Water 250ml

By Green Stem
In stock

When life gives you lemons why make lemonade? A modern and holistic approach to an old classic


Green Stem CBD Tonic Water 250ml 10mg CBD

Introducing our CBD infused Citrus Tonic Water, a modern and holistic approach to an old classic. Using only the best natural ingredients and adding Green Stem CBD for its therapeutic properties, we have been able to create a perfectly balanced Tonic Water that can be enjoyed both on its own or when mixed.

We have worked hard to source only the finest ingredients from around the world, each chosen for their unique flavours. We started by combining the refreshing natural flavours of sweet Sicilian Lemons, exotic Tahitian Lime, and subtle Pink Grapefruit, all fortified with vitamin C and measured to a refreshing and perfect balance.


We then paired this Tonic Water with CBD, which is becoming widely recognised for its potential health benefits. CBD has strong antioxidative properties and is known to help with relaxation. Finally, we add Quassia wood and Cinchona bark; both of which are known to promote healthy digestion, as well as holistic benefits such as helping to maintain your body’s natural balance.


Often, supermarket Tonic Water is sweetened with a chemical compound called Saccharine. We don’t believe in adding unnecessary chemicals to our products; we chose to use natural fruit sugars instead, providing a gentle sweetness to our tonic.


Our Ingredients:


Sicilian Lemons:

Sicily has the perfect climate for growing our lemons thanks to its balmy days, cooler nights, and volcanic soil. Famed for their slightly sweeter taste it has been said that a lemon isn’t a lemon unless it’s Sicilian and we agree, making them the clear choice for our tonic.


Tahitian Lime:

Renowned for their fresh citrus flavour, Tahitian lime is grown all over the world. Widely recognised as a must have in any citrus based drink we carefully select only the juiciest limes to ensure a crisp and refreshing flavour in our tonic.


Pink Grapefruit:

Originating in ancient Asia, Pink Grapefruit is now a healthy staple of many people’s breakfasts. Packed full of vitamin C, Pink Grapefruit can help boost the immune system, increase metabolism, and ease symptoms of insomnia.



First discovered in 1600, Cinchona is one of the most important primary ingredients in a tonic. It was often used to help with digestion and the treatment of bloating, fullness and other stomach problems. Later in its history it was picked up by the British army as a treatment for malaria, due to its high quinine content. This is the ingredient that gives tonic its signature taste.



A plant originating from the West Indies, Quassia is also known as Bitter Wood. Known for having a subtle citrus tang and bitter finish, Quassia is also famed for its various health benefits.


Green Stem CBD:

An abbreviation of cannabidiol, CBD is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. It has been reported to have excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic and neuroprotective qualities. In 2016 it became legal in the UK to sell CBD, or products containing CBD. Since then, CBD has continued to rise in popularity. Widely renowned for its positive health effects, we use only the purest CBD, extracted from plants grown in the Californian sunshine.

About Green Stem

Here at Green Stem, our ethos is to provide a remarkable product to improve your quality of life and sense of wellbeing. We are confident in the belief that we are one of the best sources for high-strength, high-quality CBD Oil for sale online.

Each and every one of our CBD Oils have been expertly-infused to contain only the most potent, therapeutic amounts of active cannabidiol from organically-grown Colorado Hemp.

We also verify the purity and CBD content of every one of our CBD oils, firstly through our own in-house HPLC mass spectrometry instruments then via certified third-party analytical laboratories.

Green Stem CBD products are created in the United Kingdom to guarantee you the highest quality and purity throughout our product range. We believe that CBD is an important addition to improving quality of life and wellbeing for just about everyone, and we are committed to investing in research and growing our CBD product portfolio to make CBD accessible to all.

Our Green Stem range includes CBD Vaping Liquid, CBD Oil, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Lip Balm, CBD Hand Cream & CBD Gummies

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