1. Application Process

All applications to our Wholesale Programme need to be done via our registration form where you are asked to fill in more information about your business ( https://www.greenstemcbd.com/wholesale-registration/ ).

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive an email informing about the application being received, after which we will review your business’ details.

If successful, you will receive an email notification about being approved on our Wholesale Platform, and we will be in touch with you shortly to provide you with more information.

2. Criteria for Approval & Rejection

While our Wholesale Programme doesn’t have a set approval criteria for the businesses who wish to join it, we do reserve the right to decide on individual basis whether we will approve or reject an application.

There are two key considerations for us to take into account when approving the applications to our Wholesale Programme: Whether the business has a real use case or a business case for selling our products, and if whether we believe that the business is in line with our Green Stem CBD brand.

We will not accept individuals who wish to join our Wholesale Programme. However, we do accept sole-traders who may be individuals who would use our CBD products as a part of their services. (E.g. a masseuse using our massage oil or muscle balm)

3. Shipping

Every wholesale order is shipped via DPD Next Day Delivery for a fixed fee of £6.95. This fee is a fixed shipping cost for a single wholesale order.

4. Minimum-Order-Quantity

Our Wholesale Programme does not have a minimum order quantity. You are able to order any amount of product for the fee specified above.

5. Termination

We hold all the rights to terminate the wholesale account, if deemed necessary.

If we deem that a business that we have originally accepted on our Wholesale Programme has conducted in a way that we wish to no longer to be associated with the said business, we will terminate the access to our wholesale platform immediately.

Alternatively, if a business hasn’t ordered for more than 12 months we deem the account to be inactive and therefore the wholesale account can be terminated.

6. Changes to Prices and Costs of Shipping

We also reserve the rights to change prices of our products at any point, or the cost of shipping.

7. Pricing and Selling our Products

You are free to sell our products both online and offline as you wish, but we would kindly ask you to inform us if you plan to sell our products for less than our current website RRP’s.

8. Running Promotions and Discounts

You are also allowed to run any amount of promotions up to a 25% discount, but we would kindly ask you to let us know of any promotion you may run in advance. We also promise not to give a higher promotional discount than 25% (typically 10-20%), with the exception of the 30% discount that our customers get from subscribing to our CBD products.