What is the right Green Stem CBD Product for You?

There are many wonderful ways to incorporate CBD into your daily life in order to enjoy the benefits this remarkable hemp extract can bring to your wellbeing and your body’s natural equilibrium. Such choice, however, can sometimes make it difficult to settle on a product, or group of products, that best supports your lifestyle and needs.


We know that everyone approaches CBD in different ways, so Green Stem’s range of CBD has been specifically developed to not only help you find a product that fits easily with you but easily allows for experimentation until you discover your perfect means of taking CBD.

Busy Lifestyles

With the hectic pace of modern life, more people than ever find themselves constantly on the go, whether for work, leisure or when struggling to keep up with domestic responsibilities. CBD is a great tool for dealing with the pressure of a lifestyle that’s constantly in motion. Many Green Stem products can be taken with you wherever you go and fit neatly into any pocket or handbag, ready to provide that comforting dose of CBD whenever you need it.


CBD Gummies

These assorted soft gel fruit gummies are made with delicious fruit flavours of lemon, grape and orange and contain 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD, all-natural ingredients, are gluten free and do not contain any artificial sweeteners. Their attractive coppertone tin can be easily stowed in a car, bag or on a desk whenever you need a dose of CBD.

CBD E-liquid

For vapers, Green Stem CBD’s award-winning CBD-infused vaping liquids (e-liquids) offer one of the most efficient ways for absorbing CBD, through inhalation. Available in six delicious flavours: Apple & Raspberry, Lemon & Mango, Blackberry, Cherries & Berries, Wild Strawberry and Peppermint. In strengths of 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and unflavoured 1000mg ‘shot’.


A variety of vape kits, coils and refillable pods ideal for CBD are available from our website.


Whether your working out or running flat out many of our Green Stem products can be a powerful tool in your fitness regime. In recent years CBD has seen an enormous surge in popularity among sports stars and top athletes who use CBD to help them.


CBD Muscle Balm

Massaged into tired and aching muscles, Green Stem’s 300mg CBD-infused balm can help provide relief, especially after long periods of exercise or exertion.  It is blended with Lavender, Sandalwood, and Jasmine and infused with sustainably sourced, lab-tested CBD, to create a relaxing and indulgent muscle balm experience.

CBD Massage Oil

A unique formulation of Lavender, Sandalwood, and Jasmine blended with Green Stem’s award-winning CBD that’s perfect for use after exercise or just to indulge with a relaxing massage. This skin-nourishing oil is an immaculate infusion of natural oils in a vitamin-rich base that will gently nurture and hydrate your skin.


CBD offers to perfect way to relax after a hard day with none of the psychoactive relaxant effects commonly associated with cannabis. In whatever form you choose to take CBD, but if you really want to indulge yourself, we have just the CBD products for you.

bath bomb

CBD Bath Bomb

Our CBD Bath Bomb offers the perfect way to relax after a hard day with none of the psychoactive relaxant effects commonly associated with cannabis. In whatever form you choose to take CBD, we have just the CBD products for you.

CBD Tonic Waters

What could be better than a gin and tonic to sip away the day’s stresses? But why not make your G&T go even further with our premium CBD Tonic Waters. With flavours of Rhubarb & Rose, Citrus and Elderflower, they’re perfectly balanced blends of fruits, minerals and botanicals such as Quassia wood and Cinchona bar. They’re sugar-free with no artificial sweeteners and are ideal as a mixer with your favourite spirits or delicious on their own.


We all know how important sleep is for our ability to navigate our lives in the best health, but effective natural remedies to aid sleep are rare. Fortunately, many Green Stem products; such as our bath bomb can help you relax at bedtime and enjoy deep, nourishing sleep.


Perhaps the best-known method for taking CBD, CBD Oil is also one of the most effective and Green Stem CBD Oil happens to be the most awarded CBD oil in the UK. Available in a variety of strengths, CBD Oil is a great way to experiment with the volume and frequency of your doses until you find the perfect level for you. With a variety of delicious award-winning flavours to choose from, take a drop of your favourite CBD oil upon waking, throughout the day when needed and before bed.

Our mission at Green Stem CBD is to make CBD as fun and life-enhancing as possible, by offering the widest assortment of premium CBD products that will suit any lifestyle. Whatever your pace of life, you’ll find your ideal source of CBD at Green Stem CBD.


Still don’t know what product is right for you? You only have to ask! Give us a call on 0800 644 1111 or email customer.services@greenstemcbd.com and our friendly customer service team will help you select the ideal CBD product for your lifestyle.


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