Why Green Stem only uses CBD from Colorado Hemp

Hemp has been grown for thousands of years and is still widely used in textiles, medicines, paper, biofuel, plastics and more. But thanks to the enormous popularity of CBD, the non-psychoactive compound derived from hemp, this member of the cannabis family of plants has become a hugely valuable commodity, being rich in CBD and a host other beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins and fatty acids.

Although industrial hemp is grown all over the world, including in the UK, one US state in particular has garnered worldwide fame for the quality of their hemp cultivated for CBD. This is thanks to a combination of favourable legislation, passionate farmers and one of the most unique climates on the planet. That state is Colorado, USA, home to the Rocky Mountains and the only place we source our award-winning CBD from.

What makes Colorado USA so special for CBD?

Colorado has been one of the most progressive states in the USA when it comes to the use and production of cannabis. In 2000, the state became the first to legalise marijuana for medicinal use, industrial use in 2013 and finally recreational use in 2014. That has given Coloradoan farmers almost two decades experience in the cultivation of cannabis plants for all kinds of use.


Hemp farmers in Colorado also have another advantage that helps them grow the best hemp in the world: the climate. It is the only US state that sits 1,000 meters above sea level. That elevation is due to the Rockies, the spectacular mountain range that runs through most of the state. Colorado farmers enjoy clean mountain air and fertile soil, irrigated with mineral-rich water purified over centuries through the mountains.


With generous sunshine most of the year-round, Colorado is an exceptional place to grow most crops, but the conditions there lend themselves especially well to the cultivation of hemp. And where you find the best hemp in the world, you also find the best CBD.

Why we chose Colorado CBD

When Green Stem CBD started in 2018, we knew we wanted to share our passion for the incredible therapeutic properties of CBD with as many people as possible. But with the astonishing rise in popularity for the supplement, and the ubiquity of CBD products, we knew that to stand out from the crowd we had to offer only the highest quality CBD extracted using the best, safest methods in the world. It was also a core part of our ethos that our CBD would be cultivated from hemp grown sustainably and without the use of harmful chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides.


Our research led us to Colorado, where we were delighted to not only meet the dedicated hemp growers there but to discover a sister industry committed to extracting the CBD from the hemp in the safest, most efficient way to ensure the purest and most effective CBD.

With the finest Colorado-grown hemp now within reach, we set about developing a range of products that would provide all the potent benefits of Colorado CBD in a variety of formats to suit every kind of user. The results are the award-winning range of Green Stem CBD products available from this website and from some of the leading health and beauty retailers in the UK.

Green Stem CBD produce a wide range of lifestyle-enhancing products including award-winning CBD oils, CBD massage oils and skin balms, delicious gummies and refreshing tonic waters, vaping liquids, lip balms, bath bombs and much more.  Our range offers users a wide choice and an effortlessly enjoyable and effective way to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your daily lifestyle.

Taste the Rockies with our New CBD Gin!

We’re thrilled to launch the result our exciting collaboration with fellow Surrey-based, award-winning artisans Silent Pool Distillers. Famed for their wonderful spirits, Silent Pool have been working with Green Stem CBD to produce a sublime gin infused with 200mg of our own award-winning CBD, a gin named for the Colorado mountains where we source our CBD.


Colorado High is a deliciously complex and enchanting gin that evokes the tranquillity of a clear mountain spring while being suffused with the properties of CBD. ,


To purchase Silent Pool Distiller’s Colorado High Gin, visit them now.

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