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Does CBD Really Work?

Despite its worldwide popularity, we cannot currently make any medicinal claims about CBD in the United Kingdom. For this reason, we encourage you to read other people’s testimonials about CBD and carry out your own research to learn whether CBD can be beneficial for you and your individual needs.

As more and more studies are undertaken into CBD, we should begin to uncover further evidence about the most effective uses for the product. Based on the significant scientific evidence carried out so far, America’s FDA unanimously recommended the approval of a CBD medication called Epidiolex to treat two rare forms of childhood epilepsy. Alongside the FDA’s landmark decision, numerous animal studies have shown promising evidence for the effectiveness of CBD as an anti-inflammatory medication.

An important factor to keep in mind is that everyone’s physical state is different, so what may work for one person may have different effects for another. This is why it’s best to try for yourself and in different amounts, increasing gradually until you find the CBD dosage that suits you best.

Hemp and cannabis have been used as medicinal tools for many centuries and it has been well-documented that Queen Victoria used cannabis to relieve menstrual pain, but the study of CBD is still in its infancy and more clinical trials are needed before specific medical claims can be made. The best advice is to speak to fellow users, do your research, and try the product for yourself to see what works best for you. Find out How CBD Works

Green Stem CBD
Promoting Wellness and a healthy lifestyle

At Green Stem CBD we truly believe in the therapeutic effects of CBD. It led us to seek out only the purest CBD ingredients, from the CBD distillate used in our CBD Oil, to the 98%+ pure CBD isolate used in our vaping liquids.

It is our mission to educate and engage with our customers and the CBD community of the natural healing properties of this amazing active ingredient.

Our collection encompasses a wide range of products, with many more currently in development. We offer high quality CBD vape e-liquids, luxurious CBD infused lip balms, sumptuous CBD bath bombs, and great tasting CBD Oils (oral drops). Our experience in flavour creation and liquid formulation is what differentiates our products from other brands.

Our products are proudly created right here in the UK and every batch is tested for quality and potency. You can read more about our ingredients on our Quality page.

At our launch at the UK’s first Hemp and CBD Expo in March 2019, we were honoured to win 5 out of 7 awards entered, including: 1st Place for “Best CBD Oil” 1st Place for “Best Inhalable” (CBD E-Liquid), 1st Place for “Best Cosmetic” together with 1st Place for Best Packaging and Best (Exhibition) Stand.