Is CBD Oil Legal?

If you’re interested in trying CBD products to enhance your physical and mental well being but are unsure of the legal status of CBD, let us help to shed some light on the often-confusing subject of CBD law in the UK.  


CBD derives from the hemp plant, which is scientifically known as the cannabis plant. Cannabis has also become the umbrella term for the THC-containing buds and leaves which are produced by the plant which, when smoked or ingested, bring about psychoactive effects such as sensory distortions, lethargy, impaired memory, dry mouth, red eyes and anxiety and paranoia. THC-containing cannabis is a Class B drug in the United Kingdom and carries a penalty of up to five years in prison or an unlimited fine if you are found in possession. Supplying or producing THC-containing cannabis raises the potential prison sentence to up to fourteen years.  

Creating CBD

For this reason, something had to be done to allow individuals to harness the beneficial properties of the hemp plant without having to break the law or experience any of the undesirable side-effects associated with cannabis use. This is achieved by using an advanced CO2 extraction process, which uses pressurised carbon dioxide (CO2) to ‘pull’ CBD from the plant and effectively separate it from the psychoactive compounds in the plant. This allows you to enjoy CBD products like the Green Stem collection without worrying about experiencing any of the ‘high’ or physical impairments associated with cannabis use and ensures that all CBD products are completely legal for sale and use in the United Kingdom.  


The MHRA has classified CBD as a medicine, and as such it should be sold with an appropriate medical licence. CBD products can also be legally advertised and sold as nutritional supplements, as long as their THC content does not exceed 0.2%. Any substance with more than 0.2% THC is considered a cannabis-containing substance and is therefore treated with the same legal repercussions as cannabis / marijuana under the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act. 


All Green Stem products have been crafted from high-quality, organically-grown, vegan-friendly hemp from Colorado, USA in which the CBD compound has been isolated from the hemp plant using the reliable and consistent CO2 extraction process we mentioned previously. This means that our products contain less than 0.2% THC which not only prevents the onset of psychoactive side-effects, but also makes the entire Green Stem collection completely legal to sell, buy and consume in the United Kingdom.  

CBD for Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest itself in a variety of differing and distressing ways. It can be specific to a situation or object, such as a phobia or irrational fear, or associated with social performance or situations.

CBD for Pain Management

As the use of CBD becomes more widespread and the interest surrounding it continues to grow, so too do the associations between CBD and pain management.   

CBD and Depression

Depression is a very real and very prolific problem in our modern society. Each week, it affects as many as one in six individuals and causes such debilitating symptoms as low mood, loss of interest feelings of guilt and low self-worth.