An Introduction to CBD Gummies

Have you heard of CBD Gummies? Recipe ideas for edible CBD have been circulating the internet through the recent rise of CBD trends. But CBD is already available as an edible in the form of CBD Gummies. Here we break down the fundamental facts, the effects of CBD Gummies, and the best way to take them.

01 November 2022

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What are CBD gummies?

CBD Gummies are edible candies that contain CBD oil. They can come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours. Gummies are an easy way to consume CBD if you like to keep it discreate and are on-the-go. They usually have a lower strength than regular CBD oils yet can still be effective, as they are taken orally and have direct contact with your Sublingual gland under your tongue, leading directly to the bloodstream.

How are CBD gummies made?

Depending on the brand of gummies, some contain CBD isolate, some contain broad-spectrum CBD. Green Stem gummies contain broad-spectrum oil, leading to a grater possibility of the entourage effect occurring once eaten.

CBD gummies aren’t illegal in the UK, unless they have over the legal limit of THC, which is 1mg of THC per container. THC is still illegal thought the UK, so be wary of any products that claim to be THC gummies – they will not have been tested in the UK and the ingredients could be unsafe for consumption. CBD gummies are safe to take, as they are tested and should always come with a Certificate of Analysis as well as an ingredients list, as they are a consumable product.

The other ingredients vary depending on the brand of CBD gummies you buy. You may be asking “are CBD gummies vegan?” and the answer is it varies depending on the ingredients. Some are vegan and some are not, as they may contain gelatine.

Vegan CBD gummies usually contain a gelatine substitute, such as Pectin which is a naturally occurring thickener to help hold the gummies’ structure, mimicking a gelatine-like consistency. Flavours of gummies also vary, with natural fruit flavours often being used along with a form of sweetener.

The broad-spectrum CBD oil is infused with the other ingredients in the gummies. The ingredients are mixed, heated, and put into mould trays. Once cooled, they form the individual gummies that are then packed into tins and sold.

Why choose CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies can be a good way of consuming CBD conveniently. They are by far the sweetest type of CBD product, which makes them more appealing to consume than the natural tasting oils that have a slight “hempy” aftertaste. They’re also easy to consume, and easy to measure – each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, so it’s a handy way to keep track of how much CBD you’ve had per day.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

The recommended dose of CBD per day is 70mg. So for example, if a CBD gummy contains 10mg of CBD each, you can take up to 7 a day. Some people like to take one in the morning and one at night.

How to take CBD gummies:

The trick with gummies is not to swallow them WHOLE.

The Sublingual gland underneath your tongue is a direct route to your bloodstream. Much like with CBD oil drops, when CBD is deposited here it has more of an effect than if you just swallow, as the acid in your stomach will break down the CBD before it enters your bloodstream. So, to reap the best effects of CBD gummies, they should be kept in the mouth for a little bit longer than a regular gummy.

Other ways to take CBD

If CBD gummies aren’t your thing, that’s okay! CBD products come in a variety of different forms for you to try out and get used to using. CBD oil drops are always a good starting point if you’re just getting into CBD. We recommend starting low and going slow with your chosen dosage. For more information see our article on CBD dosage.

It’s encouraged that CBD is incorporated into your daily life like with every other supplement – you won’t see any results without consistent use.

If you’d like to find out more, we’ve written more CBD guides for those wanting to find out more about the world of CBD.