1. Apply and join our wholesale program in just a few clicks

Just fill in our registration form with your business details, and we’ll set your account up for you the same working day!

2. Get approved and gain exclusive access to our wholesale range

After we have approved your wholesale application, you will be granted exclusive access to our full range of CBD products.

Start selling our CBD Bath Bombs & other luxurious CBD products

You’ll be able to make use of our whole product range that includes luxurious hand creams, lip balms, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join your CBD Bath Bomb Wholesale Programme?

Joining our Wholesale Programme is extremely easy, just fill in the registration form, and after we have reviewed and approved your registration – you’re all set! And by registering to our Wholesale Program you also get full access to our whole product range, not just CBD Bath Bombs!

Why join the Green Stem Wholesale Programme to sell CBD Bath Bombs?

If you are looking to sell CBD Bath Bombs, why not sell the best ones? Our CBD Bath Bombs are expertly crafted and packed with essential oils, ensuring a luxurious and relaxing bath for your customers.

Do you have a MOQ?

Our Wholesale Programme does not have a minimum order quantity. So if you want to order a few bath bombs at a time, or a hundred – that’s absolutely fine!