How Long Does CBD Oil Last Once Opened?

With CBD being a food supplement, you may be curious does CBD oil expire? And if so, how long does CBD oil last once opened?

27 October 2022

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Does CBD oil go off?

In a nutshell, yes CBD does expire. Much like with other food supplements, there are things that influence the deterioration of the CBD when on the shelves and once opened:

1. The quality of all ingredients used in the making of the oil initially will affect the shelf life of the product. Usually, the higher quality the CBD the more potency it will retain, which depends on the growing conditions and the quality of the plants.

2. The mix of ingredients will influence how long CBD oil will last. Every separate ingredient will have its own shelf life, which will tie into the overall shelf life in the finished product.

3. CBD is light-sensitive, which is why the bottles CBD oil is sold in are dark in colour. It is to protect both the CBD and MCT oil, as they both react to light. MCT oil changes colour due to heat and light exposure, and although doesn’t change colour, it loses its potency over time.

4. Similar to packaging, the storage of your CBD oil is important. If stored in a hot or bright environment it can affect the potency of the CBD.

When does it expire?

The standard expiry of undiluted CBD distillate is 2 years, provided it is kept in cool, dry, and dark conditions. CBD is heated repeatedly during the making of CBD oil drop products to make it easy to work with, but there is no evidence that the temperatures used in the mixing process are detrimental in any way.

Green Stem CBD drops have a shelf life of 2 years, anything past that wouldn’t be dangerous, it just may not be as effective as a freshly opened bottle. A good way to check how fresh your CBD is to look at its appearance, taste, and smell. It most likely would taste very bitter and the colour would be darker if it is past it’s best before date.

All Green Stem CBD oil bottles come with a batch number and a COA, allowing you do look into the dates and details of each bottle.