CBD oil dosage – How much CBD should I take?

From reading our other articles, you will get to know the basics of CBD, it’s different uses and the science behind it all. But, the big question – how much CBD should I take?

21 July 2022

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CBD Oil Dosage: Why is it important?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic CBD dosage calculator (and any website that has one may not be as effective or as accurate as it seems!) This is because the right amount CBD dose all depends on YOU. Using it correctly is key for getting the most out of your products. Two bottles of CBD oil may look and taste the same, but they will have different dosage quantities of CBD.

Before you choose, consider this…

Finding your correct CBD dosage will depend on a variety of things:

  • the concentration of CBD per product
  • your weight
  • your metabolism
  • any previous experience with CBD
  • your own biochemistry structure
  • how consistently you use CBD

This is reason why there is no universal answer to the question, it all depends on you. At Green Stem we always encourage to find YOUR balance, so we’ve come up with a few ways to help you find a comfortable starting point…

How to calculate the best CBD dosage suited for you...


Have a look at the ins and outs of CBD before you decide on a dosage for yourself. We have a hub of informative blog posts on all things CBD to help you get started. Our beginner’s guide is a great tool to use if you’re brand new to the world of CBD (or even if you know your fair share, it’s still a handy insight for the basics of CBD). Have a look into what type of CBD products will suit you best for what you need, and go from there!

Start small and work up

Some people may need more CBD doses than others, so it’s best to start from scratch with a low daily dose, and work your way up to a dose that you feel comfortable with. You may realise that a mid-range dose of CBD oil works better for you than just using CBD skincare products, or vice versa. The FSA recommend a daily limit of 70mg of CBD a day, so we recommend basing your daily intake around this fact. See our chart below to get a general idea of what the 70mgimit will look like for different dose products.

Give different things a go

Your body has its own unique bioactivity. This means the WAY you consume CBD may mean different results. CBD vaping Vs CBD oils Vs CBD Handcream will be absorbed into the bloodstream differently, resulting in the amount of CBD to enter into your system to vary. Again, it all depends on preference and what you want to achieve, so give a few different CBD products a try – one may be significantly better for you than another.

Use consistently

Using CBD is like going to the gym. If you go to the gym once, you’re not going to look like the hulk instantly! It’s only when you go regularly, have a plan, and incorporate it accordingly into your daily routine for you to see the effects. It’s the same with CBD, you may not see wild differences initially, but when incorporated into a daily routine, your natural wellness will balance out. Keep track of how much you’re using, if you’re seeing a difference in your body’s natural wellness, increase/decrease accordingly. Keep in mind, your dosage over time may change, depending on the variables we listed at the beginning.

All in moderation

By over-consuming the amount of CBD you actually need in your system, the result may not be as easy to identify, and you are effectively wasting your money. Some clinical studies suggest if you’re using CBD for anxiety, you may need to consume a different amount then if you were using CBD for sleep. This is why it’s important to start small and work up, so you don’t over-consume from a cost point-of-view, and so you don’t take on more or less than your body actually needs.

In summary

We hope from these tips you’ve been given a few ideas on how to start with the “correct” dosage of CBD. Although we can’t give you a definitive answer, we can give you the tools so you can discover your own answer, which realistically, is so much better than getting a generalised one!
At Green Stem, we want to provide you with honest and realistic information so you have everything at your fingertips to be in-the-know about all these terms and products you may have questions about.

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