Free delivery and best price guaranteed

By subscribing to our CBD oils or gummies, you can be sure to receive them for the best price, direct from us — with free delivery!

You’re in charge of your deliveries

Get your deliveries monthly or every two months. You can also pause or cancel your subscription any time you want.

Stay in control

You can easily manage your subscription on your customer dashboard. Pause or cancel the subscription in just a few clicks!

Frequently-asked questions

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes you can! Our flexible subscription model renews monthly (or every two months). And you can easily view the next renewal and payment dates under your online account.

What is the contract length in your CBD subscription?

Our subscriptions are on rolling monthly contract, so you don’t need to be worried about being tied to long contracts that are hard to get rid of. You can easily stay in control of your own subscription, and view the next renewal date in your online account – and cancel or pause your subscription before the renewal if you so wish!

Can I pause my subscription?

Of course! We understand that maybe you might want to have a small break from our deliveries, and you can easily pause your subscription for your preferred period of time under your online account.

Can I change my subscription item?

As you are able to cancel your subscription at any time, you are able to stay in control of your subscription and easily change your subscription item(s) by cancelling your existing subscription and choosing your new items and resubscribing.

Can I subscribe to multiple products?

Of course! You can have multiple products in one subscription. Or if you would like to gift someone else a subscription, you can add a second subscription to a different address easily as well!

Can I get your CBD oils or gummies for a lower price with a discount code?

We reserve the best price we will ever give on our CBD oils or CBD Gummies to our subscribers. So, when you subscribe to one of our oils you can be rest assured that you’ve received it for the best price from us.

Which products can I subscribe to?

You can currently subscribe to all of our CBD oils, CBD Gummies and our Sleep Tincture.

What shipping method are the subscriptions shipped out with?

We will send out all subscriptions with the Tracked 48 service that Royal Mail provides, completely free of charge to you.